13th March 2017


FLOAT GLASS INDUSTRIES Stock Distribution Division has a new warehouse located on Southmoor Industrial Estate. It was purpose built for engineering company Ingersoll Rand in the 1950s and is the most recent addition to FGI’s already extensive facilities.

The warehouse will allow for at least an additional 4,000 tonnes of glass to be stored within a stone’s throw of the main site on Floats Road. The 4,000 tonne capacity is split between 3 bays – each of which have an overhead crane capable of lifting 10 tonnes (3 packs at a time). Additionally there is still 10 metres of clear headroom until the lower crane rail and an additional 5 metres above that to the higher crane rail.


These bays can also be accessed via double width doors to accommodate 2 vehicles at a time. As floatliners simply drop the empty stillage and collect a full one or vice versa – which we intend to start doing with our hi-abs – this is to minimise loading / unloading time which will mean faster response and opportunity for multiple deliveries in one day – further enhancing our overall customer service.

This capacious warehouse was acquired due to the 50% growth we experienced over the past two years in stock sales – we aim to use this warehouse as a springboard for further growth. This warehouse also means that if any customer has a regular need for any specific product then we can keep some on retainer specifically for them. We also intend to have a significant buffer of all our stock products to account for the glass shortage and the current unreliability of the manufacturers who – at times – are unable to meet the demand for glass within the country.