Fire Glass

Float Glass Industries offer the AGC range of Fire Glass which in most cases is available ex stock. These are offered in single form and in insulated units with variants for both internal and external applications.

  • Pyrobel and Pyrobelite Laminated fire glasses range in thickness from 7mm to 53mm.
  • Can offer insulation as well as integrity from 30 to 120 minutes dependant on thickness and framing system used.
  • A clear multi-laminated glass, offering up to 120 minutes Integrity and Insulation in suitable glazing systems.
  • Pyrobelite - A clear glass which uses laminated intumescent layers to combine Integrity and partial Insulation. Available in range of products; 7, 10, & 12, containing one or two intumescent layers. Impact safety rating from class 3B3 upwards according to product.
  • Double glazed units are available in a choice of fire performance variations to suit different insulation and integrity ratings and satisfy the latest fire safety standards.
  • AGC 7mm Pyrobelite which is an integrity only glass has exceptionally low levels of transmitted radiant heat, some insulation performance and impact safety.
  • AGC Pyrobelite is ideal for internal fire glazing applications such as fire doors and partitions.
  • For less demanding applications Pilkington Pyroclear® and Pyroshield™ 2 can be used
    Fire-resistant glass for applications that require basic protection from fire and smoke (integrity only performance) Fire-resistant wired glass which in the event of fire, provides an effective barrier to flame, smoke and hot gases.