Edgework & Polishing

Glasses for the processed glass market are typically 8mm-12mm with polished edgework and must offer excellent optical quality and flatness for applications such as Partitions, Screens and Balustrades.

FGI has recently completed the purchase and installation of a Busetti 2200 x 3000 Double Edging Line which produces high quality, consistent edgework with an automatic squaring functionality. This investment assures perfectly accurate alignment of the glass and additionally has three separate spindles which produce groove channels to the edgework for specialised partitioning such as the C and U Channel systems. Cerium Oxide Polishing is also an option giving the highest polished edge available in the market place.

The Double Edging Line is completed with a new Triulzi wash and automatic water treatment system, which filters and recirculates water within the process, helping to reduce water consumption so enhancing the company’s environmental credentials.

In June 2015, a new 2.8m Forel Vertical Edge Grinding Machine will be installed primarily to auto arriss and smooth edges of large plates of thicker glasses to further enhance quality and improve productivity in the IG manufacturing division.