Glass Toughening


With two Tamglass furnaces – HTF and Pro Convection - already on site and in production, when Float Glass Industries needed to upgrade its glass tempering technology, there was only one real option; the Glaston FC500™ Toughening machine, which has several patented technologies & is the most advanced toughening furnace producing glass with unbeatable optical quality and flatness.

The 2800 x 6000 bed offers greater productivity & allows FGI to offer sizes beyond that of its competitors. Combined with the advanced iControl™ automation system, the technology offers fast furnace adjustments to process a wide range of glasses.

As well as offering advantages to Float Glass Industries’ customers, the technologies are also supporting the company’s environmental policies. The Glaston technology offers 30% savings in energy consumption, thanks to its intelligent convection system, optimum furnace insulation materials and minimal need for compressed air.