Technical Info: Glass Range

Float Glass Industries continual investment in its infrastructure allows us to manufacture a wide variety of products in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet all your project needs. We detail below our current capabilities in house:

  • Maximum unit size - 2700mm x 6000mm.
  • Minimum unit size - 190mm x 350mm.
  • Thickness capability - 12mm to 60mm.
  • Thickness of glass capability up to 16.8mm.
  • Maximum laminated size - 2700mm x 6000mm.
  • Available spacer widths - 6mm to 24mm.
  • Maximum spandrel size - 2400mm x 4200mm.
  • On line scanning technology for quality control.
  • Triple glaze unit capability.
  • On-line 3 Edge stepped unit capability.
  • On-line Secondary seal:
    • Kommerling ref GD116 Polysulphide.
    • Dow Corning 3362 Silicone.
  • Online Argon gas filling.
  • In house heat soak testing facilities.
  • Fully processed glass edges if required for SG units.
  • Everclad ceramic spandrel panels available in a wide variety of colours.


White Harmonic Blue
Black Mid Grey
Cactus Light Bronze
Graphite Dark Bronze
Other colours available upon request
  • Warm edge spacer bar technology
  • Barrier loadings, thermal stress reports etc. available upon request
  • Additional product sizes and specifications can be provided through our network of collaborative suppliers

For any further details in respect of Everseal IG products, please contact our team of Commercial Project Advisors through our switchboard (0161 946 8088) or the following contact details: