Product Range

As a privately owned, independent company we can offer products from all the prestigious global players operating in the float glass manufacturing and allied industries. Our strategic partners are widely recognised for their state of the art products and superior quality service e.g.

Guardian IndustriesSwisspacer
Pilkington GlassThermix
Dow CorningSchuco
Saint GobainTechnal
Johnson MattheyReynaers

Everseal Warm Edge insulating glass can always find a solution to your building envelope needs, offering safety and comfort, complete with substantial energy and cost saving benefits.

Our experienced team of advisors can guide you through the process of finding the right fit for your particular application. The Everseal brand has a long standing track record on numerous large scale, high specification projects (see link Portfolio of Projects), and we continue to strive to improve our products through our considerable investments in research and development and improved infrastructure (see link to video).

Float Glass Industries are thus able to produce superior double and triple glazed units and structurally glazed toggle inserts from a variety of systems providers complete with the following benefits:-

  • Excellent heat insulation and reliability
  • Effective sealing barrier reduces condensation and gas loss
  • Greatly reduced stress tensions on the glass
  • Stepped insulating glass produced on line
  • Versatile unit design and shapes using CAD technology
  • Fully automated production ensures consistent quality, performance and fast, efficient service
  • Float Glass Industries experience and expertise over many decades gives added reassurance to customers
  • Longevity of life expectance of unit

In addition through our long standing commercial relationship with Dow Corning we are licensed to produce and supply superior insulated spandrel panels, utilising their Vacuum Insulation Panel ("VIP") tecnology, which lowers thermal confuctivity and decreases the space needed for insulation material.

Typical values when compared with mineral wool 8 times less space (thickness) required:-

Mineral WoolDow Corning VIP
U Value0.10 W/m2K380 mm50 mm
U Value0.10 W/m2K250 mm35 mm
U Value0.10 W/m2K190 mm25 mm
U Value0.10 W/m2K80 mm10 mm


  • Silica core
  • Very low thermal conductivity (five to ten times lower than conventional insulation material)
  • Water vapour diffusion resistant
  • Good compressive strength
  • Life expectancy > 25 - 50 years


  • Unique thermal insulation performance for slim wall constructions
  • High thermal insulation in space limited situations
  • New design possibilities for zero-energy buildings

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